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Date: July 12th, 2007
Cate: Video 11 – The Motion Picture

Coming this Winter

Date: July 9th, 2007
Cate: Photos


Are you suffering it? Fear not, MTKMF.COM will be posting the best of the 11 photos and other media to cure your MFWS (Meatfest Withdrawal Syndrome)

In a fancy tech savvy world, our photographer for this series, Valerie, took an innovative approach to capturing the essence and passion of 11, using her retro, and very hipster Polaroid camera.

In an exclusive interview with Valerie, MTKMF.COM has learned that the polaroid camera was not originally packed by Ms. G.

I was walking out the door of my apartment when I looked back at the polaroid sitting on my desk waiting for use, and I threw it in, it was a game time decision really, and what a decision it was….I also knew there would be plenty of beautiful people involved, intimate settings and a pristine environment.” said Gnaedig.

Digital cameras today can store almost an infinite amount of high quality photographs, Polaroid film on the other hand is no where near as common place and quite expensive. Valerie only had two “rolls” of film each with ten pictures on them. The choice to shoot was when the artistic urge hit, explains Val.

The time was right when the moment hit. It happened either at a big moment or when great steez was happening. Generally speaking. But really it all boils down to something emotional.”

The MTKMF Executive Committee proudly presents on behalf of Valerie

“MeatFest Roids”
















Date: July 9th, 2007
Cate: Photos

Jowl Fest

There are individuals and then there is our next 11 photographer, the originator of blous, Mat Ramsey.

His Jowling series really opened up some eyes to the inner workings of blous, but it turns out blous was not the inspiration behind this body of work.

In a very rare interview with the elusive Ramsey, he explained his inspiration. When did you first here of Jowling?
12:05 AM Mat: Well, I stumbled across jowling about 2 years ago
as I was surfing a little thing we now call the world wide web

12:06 AM was it a Jowling enthusist site?
Mat: it actually was
and i’m trying to find that for you now
but am wondering if i’m even spelling it right
12:07 AM regardless….When did you get the idea to make a photos series on Jowling?
for meat fest
12:08 AM was this planned out or a spur of the moment
Mat: excellent question decision
Mat: well like all things meat fest
the jowling series was 1 part jazz
1 part alcohol inspired
1 part herb inspired
and 1 part recall
12:09 AM Interesting
so there was no Blous in the decision?
Mat: the result was blous
12:10 AM jowl |joul| noun (often jowls) the lower part of a person’s or animal’s cheek, esp. when it is fleshy or drooping : she had a large nose and heavy jowls. of course it was!!!
What was I thinking
Tell me about the process of creating a blous Jowl
and what part your camera plays
12:11 AM Mat: to be honest you really just got to let it all hang out
i mean, if your at all doubting your jowling potential
the camera will pick up on that
12:12 AM Who was your favorite Jowl?
Mat: and one’s jowl will not truly shine
12:13 AM to pick among jowling images would be like choosing between two of own babies
but tom
two of your own
12:14 AM well mat….its been a pleasure speaking with you on this today and congrats on becoming a member of meat fest.

Please enjoy “MTKMF JOWLERS”





















Date: July 4th, 2007
Cate: News

Panties, throw pillows, aprons and trucker hats… we’ve got a store

The evolution continues. We have a store chock full of MTKMF merch. Now you can have your very own pair of thong panties with the MTKMF logo emblazoned across your “region”. You may want to spruce up your living room with a couple MTKMF logo throw pillows. Or, try and bring the trucker cap thing back yet again. Got an office job.. you need a mug.

See what we’ve got to offer in our first ever, MTKMF store!

Date: July 4th, 2007
Cate: Menu


I’ve been informed that watermelons will fittingly be a part of the menu this year. Seth, Matt and I are thinking a vodka injected watermelon may be the perfect nightcap to a great day on the beach. We’ll pick up syringes tomorrow morning… Damien, we’ll get you a couple extras

Date: July 3rd, 2007
Cate: News
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Naughty Time…

So out here in Montauk getting my tan on, my chilax on, and my surf on (actually the waves have sucked)– anyway a couple of updates from the camp…

1– Connie’s friend got us some deer, buffalo, and venison from Kansas to add to the menu We’ll serve them as burgers.

2– Thursday arrivals (damien, julian, james, val, valerie, sarah, bari, hannah, jesse, sean, geoff, matt, alex, seth) we are going to eat at the Backyard at Sole East (formerly the Shepherd’s Neck Inn), talked to the owner Chris tonight, so we will be hooked up no worries, resie @ 9. Also, for anyone who feels like “getting a room” 150 a night and their accomadations are sic… naughty time.

Bring TOWELS, bring joy, bring love, bring beauty, bring an open heart, and maybe some alcohol too 🙂 jk we got ya covered, so bring warm clothes it gets cold…

with love,

damiano luigi cortese

p.s. i told Chris the owner @ Backyard that it was Val’s 26th Birthday on Thursday so get ready bitches… i’m shrewd like that 🙂

Date: July 1st, 2007
Cate: News

A Message from the Fallout Shelter…

So… since i’ve graduated from teaching, entering the un-tethered (and dangerously so) life of unemployment, I’ve been- mostly drunk, very ridiculous, pretty naughty, ocassionally sweet, and mostly have wreaked some serious havioc. In fact folks, this year’s could have ended up being a memorial for my short lived, beautiful regretless life. That’s why I’m here today to talk to you about the dangers of MAC N’ CHEESE. Mac n’ cheese you wonder? But it’s just a delicious decadent cheesey snack… oh no my innocent friends. Mac N’ Cheese can cause your entire apartment to smell like burnt metal, with an unbearable chemical stench in the air, leaving even Christine Todd Whitman to advise you to evacuate the premises…. And so with no money for professional cleaning (again i’m unemployed) I leave today on my green chariot, with my apartment windows open, and set out for fresher air East of this island… I only hope that you all arrive safe so I can greet you with open arms Thursday, to begin our weekend long extravaganza… good luck, godspeed, and remember be weary of mac n’ cheese, it’s not just the saturated fat that’ll kill ya.