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Date: July 14th, 2008
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Meat Fest and the Fourth of July

Russell C. Wojtusiak

I must say that Meat Fest in its new form has drawn out my respect for the effort and joy that goes into having a good time with ones friends. I was glad to be apart of it. My complaints in form alone shall end, and I will begin anew with greater involvement. It is said that credit goes to the man in the arena, so that is where I will step. I look forward to a greater harmonizing of our efforts for this grand occasion.

For next year I ask that we look beyond our own lives and remember the fourth of July. It is admittedly difficult to remember, and keep close that which is not always self evident and resident in every day life. But we must try! We must remember that some men and women have chosen to place others and their nation above themselves. While in our ordinary lives this can seem far off and distant, because the grand struggle for survival is so removed from the everyday, in America. It is not built into our daily struggle and routine.

These writings are because of the satirical response to my forth of July toast at the opening Meat Fest Dinner. I understand that we are in the middle of revelry and excitement as one should be amongst great friends, but a moment on this day is not too much to ask for. I would appreciate that on future events we show the hallowed day of the fourth of July greater respect and hold glasses high with dignity. It is important to remember that freedom, liberty and democracy can die easily on the battlefield or on the desks of politicians, with regulations and over taxation. I implore you to remember that democracy, liberty and freedom will not survive apathy.


Date: July 2nd, 2008
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MTKMF Food Pickup 2008 – Live Blog

 Last year’s pick up was a total disaster….Watch the drama unfold here all day live on

232PM: We ate.  We feel great.  We’re ready to celebrate.


206pm Feeding time for the buddies…..We are in Amagansett – one town from Montauk. We need fuel though, and Damien is doing a good deed for the day and buying me lunch. The car is also overflowing with food. We estimate that we could feed 200 people one meal, but instead we are going to give you all 10.

1:34PM: Just left King Cullen. Got a whole lot of last minute items. As we were packing the car (literally to the brim) an elderly woman pushing her cart turns and says “can i come to your party-” Julian and I smiled; though I do love older women I think i’ll leave the geriatric alone… Very excited to eat some food, since we think that our general dispositions will improve with some of it in us. Looking forward to getting into Montauk. Seth and co. are sitting in traffic just ahead of us. Plan is to distribute food to the different Households and respective refrigerators from Julian’s abode… fuck i can’t wait for the beach.

Date: July 1st, 2008
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Trendy Alert! from the Fashionista of Mtkmf.

Being the ostentatious, trendy, showman that I am, I thought it was my place this year to spread meatfest style, with love. The Committee, herded by the shepherds of fashion, have prepared “iron on” mtkMF logos for your choosen meatfest apparel. Last year only a few were able to rock their mtkMF couture line; this year the committee ensures that you won’t just be high in spirit, but high in fashion.

MTKMF Tshirt julian

In case you weren’t already inundated with shots of our expertly designed logo, take a look. As we will be ironing this logo on, I suggest that you bring light colors of any choosen apparel (get creative, bring your favorite thong, I know I am).

Lastly, Russell I will not address your post with like minded character assinations, or that it seems anachronistic, unprogressive, and short-sighted, but my friend, I will say, in the most loving way possible: GFYS.

Date: July 1st, 2008
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What Is Meat Fest? The Gavones, & The Infection of Manhattan in Meat Fest

By Russell C. Wojtusiak
July 1, 2008

What is Meat Fest? Is it fancy food? Is it strawberry infused vodka? Is Meat Fest the latest sweater or pair of jeans from diesel? Is it the fedora hat? I have repeatedly asked for changes to meat fest and its activities. What is the result of my quest for a simpler Meat Fest? Champagne was tossed away, a great success so I thought. But it was only to be replaced by some fruit infused drinks of a feminine nature. And what of less attendance and extricating the not so close friends? Thirty people attending Meat Fest this year!

It seems that founding members have never seriously adhered to my suggestions, thoughts, ideas and opinions. It is strange to come to a place where your good friends have a completely different take on a tradition created out of brotherhood. But that tradition is broken. What was about old friends and commodore is now showmanship, and attempt to be continuously outrageous and ridiculous, with and ostentatious need to show off that knows no limits.