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Date: June 1st, 2008
Cate: Committee, People
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It’s not your ordinary beach party

…this one costs a hundred bucks!

But, no worries. Now you can pay by credit card. It’s layaway for your MTKMF membership. So, if you’ve already spent your economic stimulus check on a trainer to get in shape for the event or your OMG!-no-one-will-have-this bathing-suit, Amex, Visa, and Mastercard are stepping up to the plate to take care of you.

Payment deadline for this year is June 8th. Contact your MTKMF representative for more information, or just leave a comment here.

Pay now

Date: April 28th, 2008
Cate: Committee, Guests, People

People for a Limited Meatfest (PLM)

Meatfest is a family affair. It always has been and it always will be.

In recent years, the number of extraneous people at Meatfest has grown and the number of invites has become imbalanced among the Members (the Meatfest “family” circle). The PLM is forming to help correct the course of Meatfest’s growth to ensure all growth is “our” growth.

Invite Proposal:
Members get 1 invite only (currently 5)
Committee members get 3 invites only (currently 5)
Special cases are put to a vote (all members vote)

Voting proposal:
All votes by members are multiplied by the number of Meatfest’s attended

Date: March 3rd, 2008
Cate: Committee, News, People, Video

MTKMF 2007: The Movie Part Three

Dinner for five on MTKMF Eve….and the Blous is back.

Date: February 25th, 2008
Cate: Committee, Guests, News, People, Video

MTKMF 2007: The Movie – Part One

The MTKMF Committee would like to thank everyone who attended this years screening for making it a huge success.

The MTKMF AV Club will be releasing the film in serial form over the next few weeks.

Please enjoy Part One of MTKMF 2007: The Movie

Date: June 27th, 2007
Cate: Committee, Members, People

Committee promotes Ramsey to Member status

WASHINGTON DC. With a 2/3 vote, the MTKMF committee has elevated Minister Mat Ramsey (of the Universal Life Church Monastery) from Preferred Guest status to Member status.

Ramsey moved quickly to secure his official title as “Minister of blouse”. No committee action has been taken to approve this title.

This is the first time a Pescetarian (a fish-eating-vegetarian) has been added to the Council of Members. The council does have oversight privileges for the MTKMF annual budget. A spokesperson from the Ramsey camp stated “At this time, Minister Ramsey does not have plans to challenge overall meat spending”. However, analysts close to the situation believe a recommendation to decrease meat spending in favor of increased fish, vegetable and exotic alcoholic beverage (a staple of the ULC Monastary) spending is due from the Ramsey camp any day now.

Date: June 17th, 2007
Cate: Committee, Guests, Members, People

Welcome to the MTKMF Society


The MTKMF Executive board has approved your membership to the MTKMF Society.

Your membership to the society includes full access to all 11 events. 11 welcome dinner – Friday July 6th, Chalet Cortese 11 – Saturday July 7th 12 noon, Official and Private MTKMF beach on L.I sound 11 The Motion Picture, Feb 2008, Soho House Screening room.

-All events are fully catered*, including Alcohol, by the MTKMF Events division.

MTKMF Society membership is exclusive and unfortunately, although one day it will be, is not free.

The annual membership fee is $85.00 per year.

If you plan to accept your invitation of membership to the MTKMF society you must R.S.V.P. to your local MTKMF representative no later than June 25th, 2007.

Please check frequently for updates and important information leading up to 11.

*Exorbitant prices apply to food and drinks at the Soho House

Date: June 14th, 2007
Cate: Committee

The MTKMF Structure

Understanding the Meatfest Attendee hierarchy
Guest –> Preferred guest –> Member –> Committee Member

The structure

  • Guests are invited by Members only
  • Each Member is entitled to 5 total guests (per Meatfest)
  • A Guest is elevated to the status of Preferred guest after attending 2 consecutive Meatfest events.
  • Once a Preferred guest, the individual locks his/her spot and may attend the next year’s Meatfest event without being tied to a Member’s guest list
  • A Preferred guest is downgraded to Guest status if the Preferred guest misses any consecutive Meatfest event
  • A Preferred guest may reach Member status only by 2/3 majority vote by the Committee
  • Preferred guests, Members, and Committee Members may all hold event planning related titles (such as “Head of secondary grilling”)
  • The Committee may veto any invite by another Member by a 2/3 majority vote
  • The Members may overturn a Committee veto by a 2/3 majority vote
  • All invites by Members must be circulated to the entire Committee for review
  • The official invite process is to be determined in advance of the Meatfest event by the Committee and no other invite process will guarantee entrance to the Meatfest event

The Committee
This information cannot be disclosed at this time

The Members

  • Russ
  • Damien
  • Tom
  • Julian
  • Chris
  • Val
  • James