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Date: July 4th, 2007
Cate: Menu


I’ve been informed that watermelons will fittingly be a part of the menu this year. Seth, Matt and I are thinking a vodka injected watermelon may be the perfect nightcap to a great day on the beach. We’ll pick up syringes tomorrow morning… Damien, we’ll get you a couple extras

Date: June 28th, 2007
Cate: Menu
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Bye Bye Bulgogi

Official Menu announcement…

After much deliberation the MTKMF Committee has decided to omit the Bulgogi (Korean BBQ) from this years menu. The reasons are vast, including high costs, and long preperation time.

The previously allocated funds for the Bulgogi steak are now frozen, but are most likely going to be allocated for non meat products for our non-carnivore guests.

Thomas Cortese and new member Mat Ramsey will be heading up these new menu options.

please email suggestions to and

Date: June 26th, 2007
Cate: Menu

U Think U Know…

There are a few things in my life that I know I will forever be unable to truly explain to others.  I mean, I could articulate the details of the experience— perhaps even paint a vivid descriptive mental picture for them— but they could never really ‘get it.’  This is how I feel when people ask me, “so what’s this cook-out thingy you have on the beach?”  Ha, cook out thingy?!  Cook-out thingy?!  This isn’t your Uncle Vinnie cooking salsiccia, Hebrew nationals, and hamburgers in shorts in his fucking backyard by the pool.  I imagine I feel much like Columbus felt when trying to explain his first sight of the new world to sweet Isabella and naughty Ferdinand, or how Paul felt trying to explain to those fuckin’ non-believers how Jesus turned water into wine Meatfest, or the festival de la carne as I like to call it, is so much more than a barbecue.  Yes it’s on the beach, yes we grill meat—lots of it, yes we get said meat from the distributor that gives to Peter Luger, we drink champagne, we are even having fuckin’ lobster tail this year over a goat cheese frisee salad, but that’s still not why it’s not just a “cook-out thingy.”  Like I opened up saying, it’s the things I could never truly illuminate to those who have never been that makes meatfest, meatfest.  Because like all amazing experiences in life, will be made be the invite list, and the unspoken things they share.

Date: June 25th, 2007
Cate: Menu

Techno Bartending at 11

As Mr. Cortese said its not the champagne, and fancy meat that make meat fest what it is…but is it the high technology making its debut at this years event? That’s correct this year we will have battery power blending bay side.

Roughing it

Date: June 15th, 2007
Cate: Menu 11 Menu

2pm Brunch
Peter Luger’s Slab Bacon
British Sausages
BBQ Ribs
“The Russell” aka The Patriot Steak (BBQ SAUCE MARINADE – T-BONE)

8:00pm Dinner
White Balsamic Glaze strip steak
Ltp beach lobsters
Bulgogi Rib eye
“The Nouveau Guido” Beef Tenderloin wrapped in Prosciutto

Sides (Available all day)
Mediterranean Sliders
Paprika tossed Asparagas Mussells

For more info please read our recipes page