Date: June 25th, 2009
Category: Location, News

Your Meatfest Survival Guide

10 Days ’till Meatfest

› 65 lbs. of meat have been ordered
› 90 liters of wine are making their way to Montauk
› 1,500 ounces of beer are ready to be chilled
› 545 sq. inches of custom grill surface are with the welder

The thirteenth annual Meatfest is ready… but are you?

What, when and what to wear

Meatfest is an outdoor event. And Montauk is cold in the evenings.

The Welcome Dinner
Friday, July 3rd @ 7 PM • Ditch Plains
› Cocktails & carbs outdoors
› Dress is casual-cool (It’s about 65º in the evening)

Meatfest Day
Saturday, July 4th @ Noon • Undisclosed beach location
› Meatfest is rain or shine
› Don’t forget your bathing suit
› Pack a sweatshirt and pants for the evening

Pack your survival kit

Some things you just don’t want to be without

Bathing suit
Sweatshirt & long pants
Beach blanket
Sunscreen (or tanning oil)
An umbrella (seriously… just in case)
A flashlight if you have one
T.P. if you’re civilized

    Pray for sun.

    See you in Montauk.

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