Date: May 1st, 2008
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MTKMF: Ways and Means Committee

In our further attempt to streamline the process of the MTKMF annual dues, we have opted to go with the online payment vendor, Revolution Money Exchange.

The reasons for this choice are security and passing on a discount to you of $25.00 on the original $100.00 payment we have mentioned for this years event.We will be invoicing you shortly for the sum of $100.000 with a link to register your account. Revolution Money Exchange will credit your account with $25.00 upon completion of registration, providing you with the aforementioned discount. This however will only occur if you register before May 15th.Please keep your eyes open on your inbox for an email from “SERVICE” this is not junk, it is your invoice!!

The first step of creating an account is pretty easy and we hope you do it in an expedient manner to ensure that you receive your $25.00 discount.

However, the next step, linking your bank account to your revolution account does require various security steps and takes a few days for all of the security procedures to go through.To do this step you will need to link your account and routing number on a personal check to your Revolution Money Exchange Account. Three days later there is a final step that must be completed to make you account active. During this three day period Revolution will verify your account by making two small deposits into your account. Once those deposits are made the final verification step is to enter those amounts into your Revolution account when prompted to do so. Then you are ready to pay us!This sounds more complicated than it is, but fear not the


and Means Committee is available for support on all registration issues and will offer friendly and frequent reminders to make sure your account is up to date.

Anyone who does not register by May 15th will be subject to MTKMF dues at the full cost of $100.00.

For those who are financially disabled at the present time, we will offer credit card payment options at the full $100.00 amount via an alternate vendor past the May 15th Revolution registration deadline.

All payments for MTKMF XII are due June 1st




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