Date: July 1st, 2008
Category: News

What Is Meat Fest? The Gavones, & The Infection of Manhattan in Meat Fest

By Russell C. Wojtusiak
July 1, 2008

What is Meat Fest? Is it fancy food? Is it strawberry infused vodka? Is Meat Fest the latest sweater or pair of jeans from diesel? Is it the fedora hat? I have repeatedly asked for changes to meat fest and its activities. What is the result of my quest for a simpler Meat Fest? Champagne was tossed away, a great success so I thought. But it was only to be replaced by some fruit infused drinks of a feminine nature. And what of less attendance and extricating the not so close friends? Thirty people attending Meat Fest this year!

It seems that founding members have never seriously adhered to my suggestions, thoughts, ideas and opinions. It is strange to come to a place where your good friends have a completely different take on a tradition created out of brotherhood. But that tradition is broken. What was about old friends and commodore is now showmanship, and attempt to be continuously outrageous and ridiculous, with and ostentatious need to show off that knows no limits.

And what’s in a name? Meat Fest? What a horrible name for such and event? One must really question this old outdated moniker. Surely it does not fit with this new model of fruit infused beverages, meats from the finest restaurant distributors in NY, and being in the hippest place in the hamptons, Montauk? How could one ever use such a plebiscite name for such an upscale fancy high dollar holiday? I mean really it may be time to move on to something more appropriate like hmmmm? Oh I know “Sheep Fest” Perfect! It straight forwardly lets you know how the planners of this holiday are so trendy and obsessed with be part of the popular social and trendy cultural experience in American that they even let it change and warp a decade old personal tradition.

When I was a boy in Brooklyn, there was a term used to describe those who were showing and made tacky choices for their home our personal appearance, people who had no class. The word was “Gavone” Meaning showy and in bad taste. This was mostly used to refer to quidos and Italians who had huge houses, marble entrances, and Cadillac’s. But I ask you, how is Meat Fest any different? (Or Sheep Fest) Because the planers chose what is popular? Because they use the Best Meat? Because they have popular fruit infused drinks? The need to show off is the same. It is the manner of ceremony is the only difference. I say Meat Fest has become a tacky, Govone event for the insecure who feel the need to grand-ise themselves to others for the sake of showing off. The only difference between the guidos and Brooklyn and Meat Fest, is that Meat Fest is couched in trendy socially accepted Manhattan commercial self-absorbed culture.

And what is New York City? What is Manhattan? What are the Hamptons? I was once a proud New Yorker, but not so much anymore. The more time I spend in NYC I find it a collection of self absorbed over spending, self-idolatry youths, who’s greatest consideration beyond their next meal is where the most important place to be seen is? And what of this socially accepted Govone behavior? Where is it these days? It’s in East Hampton. It’s in Montauk at the surf lodge, and oh yes its at Meat Fest.

Oh and don’t wear your fedora, that was so last summer!

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